Queen Lake Association

2011 Boat Parade

July 4, 2011 AT 2 P.M.

Report by Claire Adomaitis

The morning brought cloudy skies with everyone hoping that the rain
would hold off – but……about 1 p.m. we decided due to the heavy rains at
times we would have to postpone the Boat Parade till the next day.
Eight boats total, registered this year, 4 pontoons and 4 power for our
two classes.

The decorations were fantastic. Everyone seems to go all out to
decorate their boats presenting a wonderful display. All the spectators
around the lake cheered the contestants on.

The judges this year were Bob Clark, Spa Road; Marilyn Burday, Spa
Road; and Selectmen David Bramhall. Representative Anne Gobi was going
to be a judge if we had been able to have it on Sunday but due to her
busy schedule she wasn’t able to change it to Monday. The judges had
some hard decisions to make. We want to thank the judges for their hard
work and a job well done.

Pontoon Class


First Place went to “Christmas in July” (Finkler Family & Friends)

  • Second Place to “Patriotic Never Forget” (The Twohey Family)
  • Third place to “Happy Birthday Philipston” (Mark Allen & Friends).

Power Class

The winners in the Power Class: First Place to “Lochnest Monster” (Steve Wilson Family), and

  • Second place was a tie which the judges couldn’t break
    “Phillipston 225th, Ice House” (Roberge Family) and “Native Americans” (
    The George Ladd Family).
  • Trophies are awarded to both First Place Winners at the Annual
    Association Meeting. Trophies are passed down year to year to the

The 2012 Queen Lake Boat Parade will be held on Sunday, July 2nd at 2
p.m. with a rain date (due to the postponement this year) of Tuesday,
July 4th.

Let’s aim for at least double the amount of boats next year. Hope to see everyone there for a fun filled day!

[Photos coming soon.]

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