Queen Lake Association

Board of Directors

As described in the by-laws, the Board of Directors, also known as The Executive Board “shall transact the regular business of the Association and shall fill any vacancy that may occur in the Association during their term of office.”


Office Name Email Phone Term Ends
President John Colby colbyrealty2@gmail.com 508-662-7576 2023
VP Tim Haley tim@phillipston.com 978-249-2154
Treasurer Rusty Newcomb gn701@comcast.net 978-413-1504
Secretary Sally Suomala richsally2180@comcast.net 413-783-9370


Name Email Phone Term ends
Joanne Augustino spa281@verizon.net 978-632-8155 2024
Leon Roberge lrobergejr@gmail.com 617-899-0260
Bob Clark bclark1clark@aol.com 508-481-7853
George Dakin GeorgeDakinJr@gmail.com   2025
Tom Royer royerroyer@comcast.net 978-939-2593
Larry Hawks    
Scott Conti psconti54@gmail.com 508-481-4037 2026
Craig Twohey ctwohey@yahoo.com 978-790-3932
Jim Larabee sue.larrabee@comcast.net 978-939-2646

If you are interested in serving as a Queen Lake Association officer or director, contact one of the members of the nominating committee: