Queen Lake Association

Board of Directors

As described in the by-laws, the Board of Directors, also known as The Executive Board “shall transact the regular business of the Association and shall fill any vacancy that may occur in the Association during their term of office.”


President John Colby colbyrealty2@gmail.com 978-249-5871. 19 Old Barre Rd, Phillipston, MA 01331

Vice President Tim Haley tim@phillipston.com 978-249-2154

Treasurer Terry Dymek dymekt@gmail.com 978-249-5392

Secretary Sally Suomala richsally2180@comcast.net 978-939-5090


Term to Expire 2020

Joanne Augustino spa281@verizon.net 978-939-8338

Leon Roberge lrobergeir@gmail.com 617-899-0260

Bob Clark bclark1clark@aol.com 978-780-4789

Term to Expire 2021

Scott Conti psconti54@gmail.com

Gerry Gariepy gcgariepy@yahoo.com

Craig Twohey craig@kingphillip.com

Term to Expire 2019

George Dakin GeorgeDakinJr@gmail.com

Tom Royer royerroyer@comcast.net 978-939-2593

Keith Williams kwilliams57@hotmail.com