Queen Lake Association


It’s On Again

Saturday August 9, 2014

Eligibility: Open to all sailboats, 3 classes for awards: Sail/sunfish, Open Hull and Hobbie style.

Start: Noon at Dakin Raft, check in 11:30 sailing past raft.

A long horn will sound at 5 minutes before the start.

At 4 minutes – 4 short blasts,
3 minutes – 3 short blasts,
2 minutes -2 short blasts,
1 minute- 1 short blast,
Start – 1 long blast.

Any boat over early must restart.

Course & Rules: The start will be between the raft and a set mark. All classes start together. The first mark (pink) will be to windward of the start. The second mark (pink) will be set downwind of the start and the finish back between the starting raft and set mark.

That’s 3 legs total. The only basic rules to follow for safety is Port-Starboard sailing rule and round the marks to Port. Life Jackets also required.

Post-Race: “Meet & Greet” at Kraemer Camp