Queen Lake Association

Update on payments for weed treatment.
Our thanks to the contributors.
If your name isn’t on the list, you know what you need to do.


All Owners of Queen Lake Property or Deeded Access to Lake,

The Queen Lake Association wishes to thank all of those who have contributed toward the Weed Treatment Fund. It will take all of us and a continued effort to save our beautiful lake for future use. The following is a list of those who have contributed toward weed treatment.

CONTRIBUTORS AS OF 5/14/20: M. Allen; A. Altman; J&J Augustino; E&N Bauer; R&K Bedard; E. Bjurling; D&A Blais; D&N Blaney; D&F Bourbeau; J&D Brooks;Bullis Trust; M. Burday; J&C Columbus; T. Columbus; B&B Clark; V. Chrusciel &T. Brasco; J. Colby; S&J Conti; P.Cosentino; B&J Cosgrove/Cutting; G. Dakin; A&S Dickey & S Gregg; K&D Dorsey; S&J Edberg; A&A Erickson; C. Erickson; T&K Erickson; J&D Gentile; N. Escolas; L. Evers; R&A Flagg; C&G Gariepy; B. Gauthier; V. Goldsher; J&N Grautski; S&K Hakkarainen; T&S Haley; S. Hall(PTQL,LLC); B&D Hastings; E. Hatcher; L&V Hawks; M&M Heady; R&S Higgins; P. Hill; D&K Huhtala; M&P Huhtala; L&R Johnson; L.Johnson; J&L Kanicki; B&R Klar; R. Kujala J. Heuer,J. Drew; R&K Kulczyk; D. Kuniholm; G. Ladd; C&C Lafazanidis; B&B LaFortune; M&B LaFortune; J&S Larrabee; T. Lyons; A. McDaniel; D. MacFee; M&N Manca; R&S Mantha; C&S Martel; J. McDonough &K. Lynch; D&P McHugh; S&P McLaughlin; T. McNeill; D&M Miller;R&K Mitton; I Minkkinen; M&R Moir; C&J Mossman; T&M Munson; H&S Nason; G&R Nelson; R. Newton Trust; E. North; J&J Norton; S&L Pacocha; D&J Patten Jr; P. Parker; J.Potter; D&R Racicot; L. Rameau; R. Rameau; L. Ramsdell; D&S Reardon; B. Reynolds; L&C Roberge; J. Rolf; T&L Royer; T&L Rudy; D&F Sapienza; J&D Sbrega; M Schofield, M&D See; E&J Selin; K. Senecal(Bullis F.T.); V&A Shah; D&J Shaw; L&D Smith; E&P Stevens; P&L Sundberg; S.Suomala,L. Hunter&R. Newcomb; F&L Swedberg; R&E Sweeney; R&C Theroux; D&L Trifilo; B Twohey Estate; C Twohey; C&T Ulmer; P&P Vaillencourt; F&J Ward; C&T Weitze; M. West; E Whipps & S Lewis; K&N Williams; S&P Wilson; G&D Wood; S. Zajac

Please continue to encourage neighbors who have not yet contributed to do so.

Solitude is preparing for initial treatment this spring. The Variance from DCR was approved. Hoping to get the Order of Conditions from the Conservation Commission this week. Once we get dates for treatment from Solitude we will send out an email and post on website.

Please stay well in these difficult times and we will keep you informed on progress of plans for treatment.

Your Queen Lake Association Board of Directors