Queen Lake Association

Annual Meeting scheduled for July 2, 2022


SATURDAY, JULY 2, 2022 9:00 AM

Phillipston Congregational Church on the Common

It is important to attend the annual meeting, as every member/owner’s participation is critical for the health and well-being of the lake. Please encourage your Queen Lake neighbor or invite a new camp owner to attend.

Anyone wishing to add an additional item to the agenda please email Sally Suomala – richsally2180@comcast.net by June 15th.


Introduction of New Campers

Moment of silence for deceased members

Town Officials

Entertain a Motion to accept Minutes of July 10, 2021 Annual Meeting (Draft minutes are attached.)

Treasurer Report: Rusty Newcomb

Motion and Vote for Donation to Church for use of building

Old Business

Dam Update

Weed Control/ Water Maintenance Fund ( Assessment of lake in late May and spot treatment to control/prevent weeds as needed.)

Water Levels: Regarding the current water level: The lake was lowered as usual this winter in a coordinated effort with last two summer’s weed treatments to freeze(kill) any remaining invasive species along the shore. The new dam, for the first time, gave us the capability to do this. Beyond helping with weed control, it also helps prevent ice damage to docks and allows for repair to shoreline walls etc. Water levels have returned to normal summer level.

Jet Ski Committee: Leon Roberge

Gatekeeper/Beach Caretaker

New Business Activate Queen Lake Advisory Committee

Boat Cleaning Affidavit to avoid invasive species into lake

Queen Lake Stickers

Encouraging membership and participation in Queen LakeAssociation

Election of Officers and Board of Directors (If you are interested in running for an Office or for a Board of Director, please contact Karl or Sandra Hakkarainen 508-829-5825 kh@QueenLake.com or Jim Potter at subrbe@aol.com.


2022 Annual Dues of $20 and $100 (per owner) for Water Maintenance Fund


Due to the overwhelming support for treatment of the lake, we were able to successfully stem the growth of invasive weeds and dramatically improve the water quality. Your continued support is essential to avoid a future reoccurrence and maintain present water quality.

Your dues and Water Maintenance fees can be paid at the meeting by checks made out to Queen Lake Association or mailed to:

George Newcomb, 4118 SW 26th Place, Cape Coral, FL. 33914

Name_________________________________ Home Phone#______________

Mailing Address___________________________ Cell # ________________

Camp Address________________________________ Camp # __________________

*Email ______________________________________________________________

Please return this form with your payment. Thank you!