Queen Lake Association

Come Witness the Electrical Fire

Come Witness the Electrical Fire presented by Professor Eric Howe on Wednesday, November 11, 2015 at 7 PM in the Phillipston Congregational Church Vestry.

The Historical Society of Phillipston invites you to an adult program featuring a historical reenactment of the 1750 electricity “wonders” of Ebenezer Kinnersley, colleague of Benjamin Franklin.

Electricity enthusiast Eric Howe, a science professor at Assumption College, is particularly interested in the work of early “electricians” who traveled the eastern coast to explain their new electrical findings to the general public. Over the years, Professor Howe has faithfully reproduced the various devices used by Ebenezer Kinnersley, a well-known early electricity demonstrator, and these devices will be demonstrated to us. The professor has studied the manner and words of the 1700’s presentations and will deliver them to us in the way they were demonstrated to the public at that time.

Try to imagine the fear and skepticism people would have had as they watched him produce and explain all sorts of animations, sparks, and shocks. We will see this with our own eyes and think about how we would have received such novel ideas if we lived back then.

We welcome all, including folks from neighboring towns, to join us for this amazing evening. Come see devices of the 18th century! Refreshments will be served.