Queen Lake Association

Recommendation on Wake Boats

Several Board members noted ongoing concerns expressed by property owners regarding excessive boat wakes. Of particular concern is property damage to docks, boats, and shoreline rock walls, as well as erosion and resulting water impact.

Given the increased popularity of wake surfing, the Board adopt the position to discourage the use of wakeboats (boats with ballast tanks) on Queen Lake. The consensus being that the Lake environment cannot support the use of multiple wakeboats. At this time, the Board decided not to purse the ban of wakeboats, but, instead, to strongly recommend that these boats not be purchased for use on Queen Lake.

It was also noted that “according to the Boat Owners Association of the United States (BoatsĀ  USA), boat owners are liable for damages caused by boat wakes. Liability for damages is independent of where the damage occurred. Whether in no-wake zones in or in open water, boat owners are on the hook if their wake causes the damage or loss.”