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The 1860’s Diaries of Joseph Whitcomb

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The 1860’s Diaries of Joseph Whitcomb

Opal Clark of the Historical Society of Phillipston presents

The 1860’s Diaries of Joseph Whitcomb

Wednesday, October 16th at 7 P.M. in the Library

It was an exciting moment when President Linda Langevin saw Joseph Whitcomb’s four diaries from the 1860’s come up for sale on E-bay. With the help of Don Wilson, the Historical Society was able to purchase all of them. What a bonanza! They offer excellent insight into life in Phillipston during the period of the Civil War, the death of President Lincoln, and the everyday activities in town and the surrounding communities.

After the purchase, the next step was getting them transcribed into easy-to-read form, that can be printed out and shared with interested readers, an important step also to protect the aged volumes from being handled. To accomplish this task, we went to Opal Clark who has transcribed many old town documents, and she was eager once again to meet the challenge. Opal will share the highlights of her fascinating project, an evening that will take you back to about 150 years ago in Phillipston. Everyone is welcome! Refreshments will be served following the program.

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