Queen Lake Association


SUNDAY,  JULY 1, 2012 AT 2 P.M.

The morning brought bright sunshine and warmth, a perfect day except for the tragic accident that had happened at the North End of the lake the previous night.  To continue with the Boat Parade or not  was a hard decision to make.  After a number of calls to some of the Board of Directors, the majority agreed to continue with the boat parade with thoughts and prayers in all our minds of the young boy who lost his life.

There were only 4 boats in the parade this year; 1 pontoon and 3 power.  Participants show creativity in their decorations.  While parading around the lake, the boats were viewed by many bystanders cheering them on.  It appeared there were more viewers than have been previous years.

The Judges this year were Bob Clark of Spa Road, Selectman David Bramhall and Ginni Rich of South Barre.  We want to thank all of the judges for their participation.

Pontoon Class Winner:  First went to “Mario & Luigi” (The Bissonnette Family)

Power Class Winners:  First went to “Irish 4th of July” (The Wilson Family)

Second went to “Fire Boat” (Leon Roberge)

Third went to “Hawaiian” ( Mike Manka)

A Trophy with their name plaque on it is presented to each first class winner from the previous year’s winner at the annual meeting  These trophies are passed down from year to year to the next first class winners.

The 2013 Queen Lake Boat Parade will be held on Saturday, July 6, 2013 at 2 p.m. with a rain date of Sunday July 7, 2013.

Let’s start thinking of ideas thru the year so that we can have a fantastic year next year.  Let’s make the Seventh Annual Boat Parade bigger and better than any prior year!  See you all there next year.