Queen Lake Association

Water Safety

The Board of Directors would like to bring three areas of concern to all campers:

1. Boat Wakes – The water level, combined with the large fast boats create harmful wakes that cause erosion and make silt wash back into the lake. Please reduce speed and operate boats away from the shore.
2. Jet Skis – The Board of directors discourages use of this watercraft due to safety issues of following too close to water skiers and not following the counter-clockwise pattern of boat traffic. Enclosed is a set of rules and regulations for safe boating on Queen Lake and jet skis must follow the same rules.
3. Fireworks – Some campers are setting off fireworks as early as Memorial Day weekend. In the past, we have been able to enjoy spectacular fireworks on the 4th of July weekend, but fireworks throughout the summer spoil quiet evenings on the lake and may lead to curtailing the privilege on the 4th.
See also the attached motion for the 2012 Annual Meeting.