Queen Lake Association

Second Round of Weed Treatment




As part of a comprehensive Lake Management Program being implemented by the Queen Lake Association., Queen Lake is being treated with the USEPA/MA registered aquatic herbicides Sonar ONE & Sonar Genesis (fluridone) to control non-native and invasive fanwort (Cabomba caroliniana).  The initial treatment was conducted on June 10th and a follow-up treatment is scheduled for July 22nd.  On July 22nd, the lake will be closed to all water uses (including boating, fishing, and swimming) on the day of treatment only.  Additionally, use of water from the lake continues to be restricted until September 10th. Applicable water use restrictions will be posted with updated signs around the shoreline prior to application.

It is anticipated that at least one additional, follow-up “booster” treatment will be required later in this summer.  Notice of these follow-up treatments and any additional water-use restrictions will be made via subsequent posting of the shoreline prior to each treatment.

The project is being performed for the Queen Lake Association under an approved Order of Conditions issued by the Phillipston Conservation Commission (DEP File #262-0194) and a license (permit) issued by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. Treatments are being performed by the State licensed firm SOLitude Lake Management of Shrewsbury, MA.