Queen Lake Association

Second Notice – Queen Lake weed treatment

All Owners of Queen Lake Property or Deeded Access to Lake,

The Queen Lake Association has been collecting funds from property owners for the required initial treatment of Queen Lake this Spring. At this point in time we feel that we are well on our way to making our goal of $63,000 for this more extensive treatment. As long as contributions continue to come in, we are optimistic that we will somehow be able to make payment for this treatment.  All of the monies we are currently collecting will be earmarked for weed and invasive treatments. Funding options are being pursued with the Town with respect to grants that may be applicable and available for necessary future maintenance treatments.

WE MUST ACT NOW. Time is of the essence to be able to treat this Spring. It is urgent that payments be made now as the permitting process is underway and the scheduling requires a substantial deposit to Solitude. Please join your fellow property owners listed below in contributing $350 per lot towards Weed Treatment Fund to SAVE QUEEN LAKE FOR FUTURE USE.    Thank you to all who have contributed!

CONTRIBUTORS AS OF 2/26/20:  M. Allen; A. Altman; J&J Augustino; E&N Bauer; D&A Blais; D&F Bourbeau; J&D Brooks; M. Burday; J&C Columbus; T. Columbus; B&B Clark; V. Chrusciel &T. Brasco; J. Colby; S&J Conti; P.Cosentino; G. Dakin; A&S Dickey & S Gregg; K&D Dorsey; S&J Edberg; A&A Erickson; C. Erickson; T&K Erickson; J&D Gentile; L. Evers; R&A Flagg; C&G Gariepy; V. Goldsher; J&N Grautski; S&K Hakkarainen; T&S Haley; S. Hall(PTQL,LLC); L&V Hawks; M&M Heady; R&S Higgins; D&K Huhtala; M&P Huhtala; L&R Johnson; J&L Kanicki; B&R Klar; R&K Kulczyk; D. Kuniholm; G. Ladd; B&B LaFortune; M&B LaFortune; J&S Larrabee; T. Lyons; A. McDaniel; D. MacFee; C&S Martel; J. McDonough &K. Lynch; D&P McHugh; S&P McLaughlin; T. McNeill; C&J Mossman; T&M Munson; G&R Nelson; R. Newton Trust; E. North; J&J Norton; S&L Pacocha; D&J Patten Jr; P. Parker; J.Potter;  D&R Racicot; R. Rameau; D&S Reardon; B. Reynolds; L&C Roberge; J. Rolf; T&L Royer;T&L Rudy;  J&D Sbrega; M Schofield, M&D See; E&J Selin; L&D Smith; E&P Stevens; P&L Sundberg; F&L Swedberg; R&E Sweeney; R&C Theroux; B Twohey Estate; C Twohey;C&T Ulmer; F&J Ward; E Whipps & S Lewis; K&N Williams; G&D Woods